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An affordable ABDM compliant cloud based OPD software

Why BahmniLite?


Affordable solution with

cloud based multi-tenant.


No IT proficiency required on-site.


ABDM Compliant.


On demand, preloaded and preconfigured.


Based on a mature, proven solution that has been used in over 50 countries.


Made in India.

For the world.

How it Works

For Clinics

Check if patient has PID or Abha ID
Create / update patient’s basic information
Start visit and capture vitals
Patient waits for the doctor
Doctor checks patient history and does examination
Doctor conducts diagnosis + makes consultation notes
Doctor suggests pathology/radiology if required
Doctor provides medication
Print visit report and medication list
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For Patients

Patient visits Clinic
Patient Scans QR code at the Clinic on PHR App
Patient Scans QR code on PHR app
Clnic gets patient info -
health ID, age, name, age
and gender
Clinic sends consent request to access medical history
Patient chooses the time limit on access to only specific details
Doctor views the patients medical history
After treatment, patient receives a notification that their medical report is ready
Treatment plan and prescription on their mobile
New records can be shared with healthcare professionals
Patients can store health records in a health locker
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  • What is Bahmni Lite?
    Bahmni Lite is a lighter version of Bahmni EMR. Bahmni is a well known EMR for hospitals and it is currently being used in 50+ countries. This robust platform is now customised for clinic use (OPD or day-care practice). Additionally, Bahmni Lite is enhanced to meet the ABDM compliance and NHA’s MVP requirements. As of today it is the only Open sourced (Digital Public Goods) platform currently available. Bahmni Lite shall help you digitise your clinic operations and convenience to your patients as they can get their prescription and reports on phone.
  • Is Bahmni Lite for me?
    If you are a medical practitioner and have an OPD clinic or polyclinic then Bahmni Lite is for you.
  • What computer system do I need to install Bahmni Lite?
    Bahmni Lite is a cloud (internet) based Software-as-a-service(SaaS) platform. Once you sign-up you can use any Laptop, PC or tablet to access and use Bahmni Lite. There is no need for a dedicated PC or server.
  • Is Bahmni Lite free?
    Yes if you want to try it or you have a small OPD. For regular use you have to pay nominal changes for cloud server and storage per month similar to prepaid phone or broadband connection. Please check our launch offers here.
  • How can I sign-up today?
    Currently we are doing pre-launch booking, fill a form here if you are interested. The on-boarding process shall start from 31st August, meanwhile you can register a doctor and clinic on the NHA site for free.
  • Do I need to hire trained staff to use Bahmni Lite?
    Bahmni Lite is very simple and easy to use. Staff having basic knowledge of computers can comfortably use it. Additionally we shall make training videos available and provide support.
  • Who will have access to my patients data?
    Access to your patient data is primarily with the clinic and the patient. Patients can pull the data on their PHR app and can store it in any digital locker. Also patients can give consent to any clinic or doctor to view their specific prescriptions or lab reports.
  • How safe is my data on the cloud?
    In the current era most of the day-to-day systems run on cloud, e.g. UPI and CoWin. Bahmni Lite is hosted on Amazon secure cloud server (AWS) and their data centre is in India, also AWS is a MeitY approved cloud provider in India.

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